Professionals with traditional expertise



Innovation at the service of tradition

Improving our knowledge thanks to R&D

The Mericq Group is using its expertise from the sector through its R & D department. Active monitoring of agri-food trends combined with the implementation of innovative processes permits us to offer new ranges of processed products adapted to consumers' expectations.

6,000m² of modern and exclusive facilities

The Mericq group factory is designed to optimize seafood processing activities. These advanced production tools, combined with the perfect mastery of traditional methodologies, permits us to provide a personalized response for each customer.


27 tons of filleted fish

The steps of hand filleting

- manual filleting and cutting of whole fishes selected from our auctions and elaborated by our specialized operators
 - Employment of a large variety of cutting techniques


The benefits of filleting in our factory

- Guaranteed volumes and net weight billing of the finished products net
 - High-end hand cutting services




395 tonnes of cooked crustaceans

The steps of crustaceans cooking

- The crustaceans are put asleep in vinegar for 30 minutes to ensure the absence of loss of flesh during cooking
- Then they are cooked with sea water to respect the taste and authenticity of the product
- Finally, they are placed in a cooling tank before being packaged


The benefits of cooking with seawater

- Traditional methodologie that guarantees top-quality products
-  Preservation of all the organoleptic qualities of crustaceans
- Temperature control at all stages to ensure optimal cooking


89 tons of soups

The steps of soup processing

- Stir-fry in olive or sunflower oil, Stir-fry in olive or sunflower oil
- All our soups are simmered at least an hour in a pot to allow time for the aromas to express themselves
- Once the cooking process is over, it is sieved, potted, encapsulated, and sterilized


| 93 tons of brandades

| 26 tons of fritters


The benefits of homemade recipes

- Homemade products and recipes prepared by our cook
- No colorings, no additives, no added preservatives
- Fish soup and crabs soup certified Pavillon France
- Breton crabs caught by our subsidiary Béganton