Professionals at the heart of the seafood industry



Closer to resources

6 crab boats

Our 6 fishing vessels are equiped with pots, and designed to fish marketable crustaceans. With such conditions, our 40 fishermen are able to land 2500 tonnes of crabs each year.


6 live holding facilities by the sea

As soon as the crustacean are landed, we store them in one of our six holding sites in Brittany, located right by the ocean, with a capacity of 200 tonnes.


| 2,500 tonnes of crabs fished


Close to resources

Commitment to sustainability

Our professional buyers in order to guarantee future generations sourcing have developed a responsible supply methodology, which permits us, to offer a sustainable product portfolio in terms of volume and price.

Partnerships with shipowners and small businesses

The expertise of our buyers permits us to establish strategic relationships with fishermen for a wide variety of products in several fishing areas


| 49 000 tonnes of seafood purchased by our 33 professional buyers



Straight from the french fish auctions

Strategic presence along french coast seafood auctions

Our on-site expert buyers make a rigorous selection of the daily landings at the various auctions across the country. The information is centralized and cross-checked by a team at our HQ making sure we get the desired quantities of the best products at the best prices.

Supply steadiness

More than 3,000 tonnes are purchased every year and prepared in our seafood processing factory for onward forwarding to the Mericq Group's logistics platforms all over the country


| National coverage of daily landings that guarantees product variety and innovation