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A superior quality level

Pavillon France and "DBQ" accreditation

Our "DBQ" label certifies quality products from the French fisheries landed in Brittany. The Pavillon France label ensures that the product has been caught by French marine fisheries following a very precise set of specifications and landed on all French ports. This label highlights the French fishing industry and respects the management of resources.

"Excellence by Mericq" accreditation

The fillets selected by our buyers are chosen according to specific requirements that guarantee the best quality.

"Mericq fish auction" accreditation

Following inspection and approval from our experts in seafood, the “Qualité Mericq Criée” label appears on our whole fish purchased through French fish auctions.




Obtaining the IFS higher level

The smokehouse and our processing facility, in Estillac, both obtained the IFS higher level at the end of 2018.


Why IFS Food Certification?

This standard, based on the ISO 9001 standard and the HACCP system, applies to all stages of food processing and ensures food quality and safety.

This certification demonstrate Merciq compliance with the highest standard of quality and safety which includes requirements in terms of quality management, traceability, food defense ...

In 2015, it was the IFS standard level that was awarded. In 2016, the Group managed to achieve the best of both levels: the top level for the two processing buildings.



Experimenting before implementing

The Lab by Mericq is the Group's internal laboratory, based in Estillac since 2016.

- Samples of raw material taken at the approval stage are analysed in our laboratory to ensure optimal responsiveness;
- The raw material comes from the Group's trading activity and is used for the Mericq Innovation workshop ;
- The analysis carried out are microbiological, which makes it possible to check if the products meet the criteria of the CE 2073/2005 regulation. More in depth chemical analysis are also carried out and their purpose is to fight against the fraud of the sea products (search H / P, research added additives, and to ensure the sanitary quality of the products (histamine, ABVT ...) ;

- In the context of product development with the R & D department, sensory analyzes are also carried out ;
- Traceability verifications: origins, criteria and freshness ;
- A service ensures the health monitoring and regulatory watch ;
- The group benefits from optimal responsiveness thanks to the analysis tools provided by the Lab.