Béganton and Mericq, looking towards Brittany

Mericq joins the leader of French crustaceans Béganton.

In a dynamic of growth, Mericq signed on 1st of July, 2016 an alliance with the family company, Béganton, leader of the crustacean market in France.

Owner, fish merchant and exporter of crustaceans, Béganton has been on the market since 1979.

Overview of Béganton's activities:

- Arming of 5 fishing boats in cupboards, called "caseyeurs";

- Live holding of  two sites, Roscoff and Moguériec, which can store a total of 180 tonnes of crustaceans;

- A cooking workshop, where the products are cooked with seawater, for natural flavors, without additives;

- The processing plant, where the filleting (by hand) and packaging are carried out in a temperature-controlled room, in compliance with quality and hygiene standards;

- The fleet of 6 live holding trucks, which deliver crustaceans in the water at the doors of customers;

After Mediterranean and Atlantic coast, Mericq opens on the Breton coast and focuses on crab and lobster, products of excellence.


Alliance Groupe Mericq et Béganton